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Phishing e-mails targeting local bank customers
Phishers and scammers are actively targeting local banks in their phishing campaigns. It is very important that you do not click on any of the links in these e-mails. By clicking on these links you run the risk of being infected with malware or getting your banking credentials stolen. Once the thieves have your credentials they can empty your bank account. If you receive an e-mail from your bank in your inbox, delete it. Most banks do not communicate with their customers via e-mail, however you can always call your bank and ask for their e-mail policy.


Microsoft Releases February 2018 Security Updates
Posted on Tuesday February 13, 2018

Adobe Releases Security Updates
Posted on Tuesday February 13, 2018

North Korean Malicious Cyber Activity
Posted on Tuesday February 13, 2018

Cisco Releases Security Updates for Multiple Products
Posted on Wednesday February 07, 2018

Adobe Releases Security Updates for Flash Player
Posted on Tuesday February 06, 2018

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Android Stagefright contains multiple vulnerabilities
Stagefright is the media playback service for Android, introduced in Android 2.2 (Froyo). Stagefright contains multiple vulnerabilities, including several integer overflows, which may allow a remote attacker to execute code on the device.

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