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To contact CARICERT. regarding security incidents related to Curacao networks send an email to:
In case you need secure communication, please read the following:

PGP cryptography helps ensure confidentiality, integrity and/or authenticity.
To send confidential data encrypted to CARICERT use the following public key, available through all public PGP keyservers:

User ID:        CARICERT 2016 ** Encryption Only ** Key
E-mail:         <>
Key ID:         0x0BB7CE86
Key type:       RSA
Key size:       4096
Fingerprint:    5151 FAC4 A866 079B D7DA 63A9 5545 6F68 0BB7 CE86
Expires:        2017-04-20

CARICERT signs e-mails where integrity is essential. The secret key used by CARICERT for signing can be recognised by downloading the corresponding public key and inserting it into your keyring:

User ID:        CARICERT 2016 ** Signing Only ** Key
Key ID:         0x257B5F61
Key type:       RSA
Key size:       3040
Fingerprint:    AE73 8FEC C889 4844 9EE3 529F 9B65 F8A9 257B 5F61
Expires:        2018-05-09